September 2015




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I have been fortunate to experience an array of different professions which makes me open to most opportunities. I have designed dozens of Social Media Networks and continue to operate several including the largest Social Network Dedicated the Native America. I also design websites that are Social Media Networking compatible.


As a Social Media technician, I can build a complete Social Media Network and I know what it takes to make it grow. A well developed Social Media Network and can give you that competitive edge that your organizations needs to excel.

I am always searching for that perfect client ...



Project Pit

I have a wide range of skills and I enjoy different projects.

The Ya-Native Network is the largest Social Media network dedicated to Native Americans ... Here's 5 Native American facebook pages that I operate. The network is also present on Twitter, linkedin, youtube, myspace, wordpress and many more. This network averages 2 million visitors per week with the best week of over 11 million visitors. The following page is the most popular one.

My finest client. Transport specialist, Full Crane Services, Wood Crates Construction and a multitude of corporate services available. This network is also found on Twitter, myspace, linkedin, youtube and a few more ...

It was planned to be the largest Social Media Network for the Real Estate Market on Southern Vancouver Island. And it will be. Currently this network is also present on Twitter, wordpress, linkedin, youtube

Here's my professional networking page. I intent to add many tools and resources that I use with my everyday Social Networking operations. Eventually I plan to build a network for my home to that will encompass multiple projects that I am working on. This will provide me with a Social Media advantage.


Likes and Shares

I would like to build this into a very popular facebook but it is going to take some time. First I will secure a domain name and then the fun begins...






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