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Native American Projects


(Social Media, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Network and Internet Security ...)

Small Business Development

Scuba Diving






If you have a production or service geared towards Native America, I can promote it.





Social Media Networks

I can build you a complete Social Media Network ... Website, profile on all popular social Mediums the best suite your objectives. I best part is I can promote through the several other Social Media Network I have designed and continue to operate.

My top two networks

Reamus Wilson




There's so much I can do for you.

Bottom line, if you want many people to view your digital material then I can help. I am a firm believer that 'proof is in the pudding.'

If you want to see your sites rise in a very short time then you may want to contact me. If you have another SEO or Social Media Technician working for you then try and challenge him to see what he can do.

I have the proof with my well established Social Media Network where I can promote material to millions of targeted viewers over night. How many other Social media Technicians can prove that?

First come first serve and I am a very loyal individual, meaning that I will take care of my primary clients.


Don't hesitate because I am a one-manned show and room is limited.


Feel free to review my services here and I am open to other possibilities that may catch my attention.


Thanks for your time.


The Disqus commenting system will not pay for services rendered. They misplaced a $700 payment. Following my review it appears they were ripping me off since the first/only payment was made several years ago. I am removing Disqus from the ten websites that I added them to. I plan to write a blog post to document this Disqus thievery. I assume there are many. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your continuing support.