Reamus Wilson


Thank you for your time.


I am a Social Media Technician situated in Victoria BC. I am a proud father of three. I am also a member of the Gitxsan Nation. I am a sub-contractor who gains work wherever I can.


I own and operate the largest Social Media Network that is dedicated to Native Americans, The Ya-Native Network. The Network encompasses three separate Networks that totals nearly one million followers.


This particular website is used for my personal hub to exhibit my online presence.



Subject #1


Stop Work Order! -- Although it is not directed towards me, it effects me directly. This order essentially steals food off my plate that I use to feed my children! And that is enough to degrade any father who is desperately trying to feed his children, especially during a World-wide pandemic.




shoot for the moon


The Disqus commenting system will not pay for services rendered. They misplaced a $700 payment. Following my review it appears they were ripping me off since the first/only payment was made several years ago. I am removing Disqus from the ten websites that I added them to. I plan to write a blog post to document this Disqus thievery. I assume there are many. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your continuing support.