Reamus Wilson

This is my little pride a joy.


2009 - is the hub to the largest social media network dedicated to Native America. The Ya-Native Network consist of three separate Social Networks and can easily an average of 4 -8 million views per month.


The long term goal is to transform the most popular Native American Social Network into a standalone network. I have attempted it twice but the learning curve is very steep. I am proceeding with the third attempt though.



angle investment required

investment outline:

Phase one: Do what it takes to find a large investor to take this project public.



I would explain more but there are dozens of individuals who are try to copy my success, to no avail of course...










The Disqus commenting system will not pay for services rendered. They misplaced a $700 payment. Following my review it appears they were ripping me off since the first/only payment was made several years ago. I am removing Disqus from the ten websites that I added them to. I plan to write a blog post to document this Disqus thievery. I assume there are many. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your continuing support.